Would You Like to Book Tim?

Tim Kelley is available for public speaking engagements and media appearances on a variety of topics related to life purpose. He is an expert at tailoring his material so that it can be fully understood and deeply appreciated by a people from a variety of backgrounds. Would you like people to be talking about your program or event for months or years to come? Tim specializes in inspiring and motivating these specific audiences:

  • Groups of leaders and executive teams looking for new ways to motivate their workforce and increase productivity
  • Viewers and listeners of media targeting Baby Boomers, cultural creatives, and self-help oriented individuals and organizations
  • Strategic thinkers and visionaries seeking to increase their impact and guide the forces in a changing world
  • Conferences of consultants, coaches, advisors, therapists and counselors, seeking to improve their marketing, build their practices, and serve their clients at a deeper level
  • Family offices and associations of wealthy individuals seeking to derive meaning from their resources and have maximum positive impact on society
  • All-hands meetings and offsites of organizations seeking to inspire and motivate their employees, contributors and shareholders

Download a speakers sheet now, or email Tim to book an engagement!